Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Riddles and My Reflection

Riddles reflect much in our life.It sharpens our mind and exercise our brain as well.It maybe in forms of games, puzzles, and soon and so forth. What matter most is it reflects our life and our everyday living. It also depend of what is the character of the riddle maker posses too.What kind of work do they have and what kind of work they mostly deals with.Let just say, a riddle maker was a fisherman, of course that individual may deal with the riddle which may answer a lot of things or maybe creature that can be found in the sea.A Carpenter either, a thing that they mostly seen or be deal in their works.A good example of that is the riddle which answer's "cabinet".
It is a part of our daily living, it can get our boredom and enable as think of many ideas that can widen our thoughts.It also represents of What kind of culture do we have.A riddle can be compare to a persons problem of how a person can manage to solve it or just going to escape it or just surrender.Just like riddles some will urge to answer it and some just want to know the answer without thinking.
It also reflects of What does one individual behavior, if that individual is wise or lazy, enough for us to identify if who they are.At lastly, we just have to understand it so that we will be able to know the answer.


if there are 3 people in a room and the door is locked and all the have in the room is a baseball bat, a stick, and a painno and each can only use one item. how would they get out?


stick-break the stick in 2, 2 halfs make a whole baseball bat- 3 strikes your out piano-take out one of the keys and unlock the door.


you can't see me in a day. but you can see me during night time, once in a month,not in a year, twice in a moment and once in a lifetime..
What am i?


Letter "M".

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