Saturday, February 19, 2011

The colonization Contribution in our life.

The Colonization Contribution in our life.

The colonization made a great impact on the Filipinos life. Hows a certain life change because of colonization. They help us in so many ways that we, even benefits from it. Life in that time, during the colonization is not that easy. Some say it might be the reason why some of us had a life like this. But whatever the result is what really matters is that we must adapt on the changes and learn to accept what really happened.Struggles and difficulties we've experienced make us strong. It shaped us to be more courageous and strong to face the problems that we had encountered and we will be going to encounter soon. Let just have faith in God and be very grateful in him. And most of all, believe and have a faith and trust in our self.

What are the things that they have contributed on us?.or are there some?Yes, there are some, and almost all of us benefits from it. Americans colonize us, and they have something that was taught to us that until now we practically applied. It's the Education, the American introduced the education in our country to make us a better man. Writing, reading and many more. We learn to appreciate things.Americans gave the Filipinos what has long been denied them by the Spaniards, hence Filipinos were quite thankful of what was seemingly an altruistic gift. Little did we all know it was the fastest way we would be subjugated, down to our knees. With the English language, snooping on national secrets was fast, with English being the medium in the press, in all other media, in educational system and government records, and so was insinuating the policies they want our government to follow, rather easy. Even though they colonize our country, still we must be thankful on what they have been contributed and indeed help us in so many ways.Education is the key to our success and the reason why we have studied literature.

The Spaniards colonizers denied the education to the Filipino. In there we learn to appreciated and created the different kind of literature that shaped us to become better and sufficient person. In the colonization, Filipino's was able to create different forms of literature and that was their writing, that most of us was able to connect their life on it and learn some lesson on it as well.The colonization helped us in so many ways, in a sense that it enable us to become more precise in our way of thinking and strengthens our faith in God.Taught us to became brave.Enable one self to became more courageous and be confident in every situation that we were about to face. It broaden our thought , to think of many possible ways of living and survival. To become wise and enable us to fight for all the trials that will come in our life. It make us realize the importance of one thing and able to accept it in a way that it must be accepted. Learn many things and understand any ideas and situation that we must to and gain self confidence and respect in our self as well. As the quotation stated that "No Man is an Island, therefore we should not loose our hope and continue the things that our Heroes had started, and learn to appreciate the literature and value their works.

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